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L8 Unseen – Moving on

L8 Unseen – Moving on

This coming Sunday 6th September 2015 will be the final day of the L8 Unseen exhibition at the National Museum Liverpool– Time definitely passes quickly.

A lot has happened since the launch back in April. The exhibition has attracted over 355,000 visitors in less than six months – an astounding figure. We brought locals together with storytelling workshops in collaboration with the brilliant L8 Old Photos Facebook Group; held a series of talks which was attended by a capacity audience and collaborated with a local crew to produce a spoken word on film series called ‘L8 Unspoken’ with nine poets from the neighbourhood shot around the iconic Granby Four Streets. The film is still screening at the Museum of Liverpool and online.

To say that we’re blown away by the response is an understatement.

L8 Unseen has clearly connected with audiences on so many levels – the comments both online and in the Museum’s Visitors book prove that the stories and images of the L8 community have connected with audiences in a way which for us has been inspirational.

So what happens next?

We’re close to securing a new ‘home’ for L8 Unseen in the heart of the L8 community; details will be announced shortly.

The L8 Unseen website will continue to provide a much needed ‘digital’ archive for the stories and images created.

We’re in the process of producing our final series of legacy projects, which will include collaborations with other local artists and community groups in the L8 area to roll out in the months ahead.

It’s been an amazing journey – the success of the project could not have been delivered without the support from the many individuals, creative community, cultural agencies and grassroots organisations of the area.

On behalf of the L8 Unseen creative team and B3 Media, I would like to say: “Thank You” to the community of L8, the Museum, our funders and the many visitors for their support and for making L8 Unseen such a standout success.


My warmest regards,

Marc Boothe

Creative Director / B3 Media